Kodak Factory

Kodak Redevelopment

Client: Barratt West London

Principal Contractor: Rye Demolition Ltd

Value: £5,750,000

Programme: 12 months

Overall recycle percentage: 92%


The existing decommissioned Kodak factory is being demolished in its entirety for redevelopment. Major asbestos removal to all the buildings was carried out by the Rye Group followed by the major demolition and site clearance of all the remaining buildings. The Rye Group is also reprocessing the arisings and following a reduced dig and remediation exercise the site is stabilised and prepared for re-construction. All contaminated soils are being remediated on site and prepared for re-use. The cart away from site is minimised to achieve the carbon footprint targets. All elements of the demolition arisings are recycled and reprocessed for re-use.